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Kazumi-To [userpic]

The party dont start til I walk in

January 14th, 2011 (04:40 pm)

current mood: amused

My utmost very very best friend, raspberry umma Key Sakuya Jacqueline Rodriguez and I had a really fun night 2 nights ago. We drank like there was no 2morrow and danced to K-pop until 6 in the morning. Okay, we didn't drink TOOOO much but we did have a lot of fun xDDD! She even dressed up as Asagi for a song and.. wow we were drunk xD.

I don't remember this but I guess Alyssa took a picture of us posing :S... worst pic ever!!! And Jackies hair was insane!!! She didn't straighten it yet so it was very very very puffed up and out of control DxD!!!

I think Im going there again tonight.. we will see.

Shhhh don't tell anyone about this pic ^.^. Its seriously really bad!Collapse )

Kazumi-To [userpic]

Asagi is my 1st Post in..FOREVER

August 30th, 2010 (03:16 am)

current mood: cheerful
current song: D - Card

I'm EXTREMELY  DISSAPOINTED that I didn't post yesterday.
I wished him a HAPPY BDAY on FB...but I got distracted...by...Asagi DX
All my words were in my head straight from the heart and then I got several MADtastic (Tea Party) images of him and D!! I even commented on my BFF's post of him DX

So without further adieu:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASAGI!!!!
<center>I'm Sure you have about 700, 000 fans who wished you a happy birthday (not including the other 70, 000 who prolly had to pay you a good few stacks to wish you one through D Fan Club XD) so, it shouldn't matter that I wish you one...especially since it's belated... BUT because you are integral to my VK/J-ROCK growth I WILL wish you a Happy Birthday.

I usually ask myself...who birthed these 5 men XD Thank God for them XD and then you have to ask yourself..WHO birthed the LEADER of D because he is one crazy Mofo!!! Who birthed the King of the Rose, the King of Vampires, the Independent Queen, Snow White XD XD XD Whoever it is...we thank you for doing what you had to do with his father to produce a powerful force such as Asagay XD

I'm thankful to have popped in Tafel Anatomie (my 1st cD!!!) and heard such a magnificent, awkward and then totally awesome voice. I will admit that the 1st time I heard his voice I was thrown off...but I will also say that by the the time I heard my 1st favorite D song (Card) at the time, I fell in love with him and D -- and have stuck with D at the top since then 8D (2008 >.> <.<).

So in short XD....even though it's belated...Happy Birthday, Tanjoubi Omedetou and Happy Birthday in a billion other languages I don't know. You are a prime example of The Elegant, The Beautiful, The Hardworking, The Creative, The Aristocratic, The Seductive Vampire. 8D

Kazumi-To [userpic]

Just one thing to say here really..

August 3rd, 2010 (09:34 am)
current location: BAAAAAAAAAAAM
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